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4 Iconic Celebrities with their Own Personal Style

1. Robert Pattinson – The “new kid on the block” has a love of low-key clothes.  Think jeans and t-shirts topped off with unbuttoned shirts over the top for a thrown together look.  He manages to pull off this dingy, grungy look to great effect.

Pattinson’s style is accessible, chilled and great for those who want effortless, functional fashion.  If you want to emulate his style, think vintage t-shirts with edgy prints and cool graphics, an old pair of Levis and a pair of worn out trainers.  Stick to sludgy greens, browns, khakis and reds for a real rugged look.


2. Johnny Depp – This man is no slave to fashion and frequently reigns supreme in the fashion stakes.  He is an artiste in the true sense of the word, oozing effortless style and sophistication.

His look is an eclectic mix of cool, casual apparel twinned with statement vintage pieces, whether it be a fedora or a pair of retro glasses.  His rough-and-ready appearance mirrors his nomadic lifestyle and the true essence of his style is casual chic.  If in doubt, opt for dark jeans, biker boots, a leather jacket and his trademark Fedora hat for an instantly cool look.


3. George Clooney – This man is sophistication personified.  Always slick in tailored suits with a modern cut, Clooney has created his own classic look.  His signature style is more often than not monochromatic and he has taken old Hollywood style glamour and given it a modern twist.  Dark, charcoal suits are emblematic of how a gentleman should dress and Clooney continuously nails this look.

He has made it ‘the thing’ to take pride in your appearance and has ensured that other than jeans, the suit has crawled its way back to the top as a wardrobe must-have.  He manages to keep it accessible and relaxed by pulling off the look without a tie.  To get the look, find a charcoal suit with a three-button, single-breasted, notch-lapel jacket.  Wear with an open-collared shirt to complete the look.



4. David Beckham – Coming in at number 1 is the man who has retained his status as the King of Style. Becks manages to make everything look effortlessly cool and stylish, even a sarong and his and hers leathers (well, almost everything!) His signature style is laidback, cool and effortless.

If you want to emulate this man’s style, then opt for a plain white t-shirt, unbuttoned cowboy shirts, low-hanging jeans, converse trainers and a beanie hat to top it all off.  This look is demonstrated perfectly by Becks on the front cover of Esquire Magazine.


Written by: Alexa Rivergreen

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