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The No Make-Up Look – Part 1


Spring/Summer 2014 is all about the ‘no make-up’ make-up look.  Easy right? Not exactly. Making any normal women look like she has glowing skin, great bone structure and colour in her cheeks without looking like she has anything on, is, let’s say, a challenge. But with the right products and technique, it is totally achievable.


Now there’s no makeup and there’s invisible makeup. The bare minimum, no colour on your face what-so-ever, comes from using brilliant skincare. My current favourite products to help your skin glow naturally are oils. Don’t be afraid of them. Even for the oiliest of skin types, there is an oil for you, that will balance out the sebum your skin produces, tricking it into believing it has enough oil on the surface, therefore leveling out the production. Try Shu Uemura High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil, £27.



Decleor and Clarins are two companies I trust for skincare and their facial oils (for different skin types) are up there with the best. Decleor Neroli facial oil is brilliant day or night under your moisturiser, £37, and will transform the feel and look of your skin.  If you are just too afraid to dive into oils, try the ever award winning cult cleansing product from Liz Earle, Hot Cloth Cleanser starting at £14. Incredible for any skin type and it wins tons of awards every year for a reason.





Serums, day creams, oils, night creams, BB creams, CC creams…there are so many companies out there offering every type of cream for every skin type, it can be daunting. All I can really say is do your research. My personal favourites come from different premium and mass-market brands so don’t be a product snob! For oily skin, check out Vichy Normaderm’s range. I also love and trust Clarins’ Energizer range for the younger market. No7 has just been acclaimed the no1 skincare range in the UK and have a fantastic range of serums and creams for every age range and skin concern.



Make sure exfoliating becomes a part of your weekly routine as this encourages skin renewal and will help that natural glow. But BEWARE. No more than twice a week. So many women I speak to don’t understand why their skin is so oily when they exfoliate every day…that is the reason. When you exfoliate, your skin produces natural oils to repair the surface gently. If you over exfoliate, your skin will constantly produce oil to repair itself. Put the daily exfoliators down! Twice a week only and look for ones that have man-made spherical beads. Sand and salt scrubs under a microscope, look like glass and can be harsh on the skin.


Now that your skin is glowing, you could brush your eyebrows, pinch your cheeks and pop on some chap stick and be happy.  For the rest of us who feel we may need a little more help, keep an eye open for my next post to find out the latest and best make-up products to create that minimal made up look.


Written by Louise Espley – MSR’s beauty consultant

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