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The No Make-up Look – Part 2


The obvious rule for looking like you have a fresh, no make up look is – less is more. It’s about the right products and using the right techniques to create a soft look by emphasising your best features.

Starting with the eyes – most people have redness or dark areas around the eyes but instead of slapping on the concealer to cover dark areas, try correcting them with a yellow based product.  By correcting the colour, you’re taking the colour out and giving the illusion of a fresher look, rather than caking on a thick concealer that tends to draw more attention to them. Try Benefit’s Lemon Aid, £16.50.



So once the eyes are looking more ‘awake’ it’s time for a little shadow. You are looking for matte, neutral colours that are one or two shades lighter or darker than your skin tone. Cooler colours like taupe and mushroom look more natural than bronze or grey. Take a matte skin coloured powered or cream and blend it all over the eye and up to the socket line. Using a slighter darker shade and blending brush, work the colour in a rainbow shape into the socket line. This gives the effect of deep, shaped eyes without adding colour to the main part of the eye.

Using the same darker shade, you could line the top lash line to give the effect of thicker lashes. I would add a little on the bottom lash as well, from the centre, work out and blend to give shape around the eye.

Mascara is a must, but it has to be done lightly if you’re going for a natural look. Eyelash curlers are underrated and can be a godsend. Do it before mascara! You could be brave and go for clear but I would recommend one coat of brown mascara with few fibres in it.  No7’s Lovely Lashes, £12.95, is Argan oil based and has no fibres. It’s the most natural one I know of. If you’re going for super natural, leave the bottom lashes bare.



BB and CC creams are everywhere now. Garnier were the first to bring the Blemish Balms, £9.99, to the market and are still the leading brand…although many companies have brought out their own with more colours available. Clinique were the first to launch the Colour Correcting creams, £28, to help with redness and discolouration. I personally prefer BB creams. They are light, moisturise the skin and normally have a high SPF.  Choose one as close to your skin tone as possible, there are matte ones out there for oily skin too.

Do not powder your skin. You are trying to achieve a natural look and no one was born with matte skin!




If you’re not keen on putting any colour on your skin, No7 have recently launched Brilliantly Bare, £12.50, which is a colourless foundation.  This will gently matte the skin and blur lines and pores.


The best blush for this look would be a cream texture in a red or pink flush colour. Benefit’s Benetint, £24.50, is the closest thing to achieving a natural skin flush. Bobbi Brown makes the best cream blushers in loads of colours and are worth paying for. A slightly cheaper product is Elf’s HD cream blush, £4.50, but go easy as they are highly pigmented. If you wanted to lean towards a more tan colour, Nars Laguna, £27, is the best bronzer ever made, will suit most skin tones and isn’t shimmery or glittery. Apply colour to the apples of the cheeks, bronze to the apples and blend up to the temples.




Benefit have just launched a fantastic product for brows- Gimme Brow, £17.50, is a coloured volumising fibre gel that adds colour, gives the illusion of thicker brows and keeps them in place all day. Genius.


Add a little balm to the lips…maybe a tinted one from the Vaseline range and you’re set.



Written by Louise Espley – MSR’s beauty consultant

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